Trigger warning: this involves trigger warnings ; P

Fucking god I am so sick of trigger warnings. I am sure some who might read this find that horrible. Ok. Not really gonna do anything about that. So, why might I hate them, you may wonder? They are insulting, demeaning and giving me a trigger warning is pretty much saying “since you probably can’t handle life, speech, thought or well, anything that isn’t kittens and rainbows and butterflies here is a warning to wrap yourself in a fucking blanket. Eat some cookies, color in a Sesame Street coloring book and get a back rub.” SERIOUSLY??!!?? Fuck that. For all this talk of not needing to be protected and be strong independent women these fucking feminists sure as fuck act like 4 year olds. Actually no, I worked with 4 year olds they handled their shit better than these chics do! They asked questions, they said things calmly and they FUCKING LISTENED TO REASON! Seriously I can’t take any of them seriously any more. And I mean ANY OF THEM!

Ok, now that I got that off my chest ; ) Now I am sure some people are pissed. *shrug* ok. I have PTSD, I have anxiety. I was abused and have triggers. Fuck, I just found a trigger a few days ago and without control there I was shaking, hyper ventilating and crying. My fiance had said something and I could not handle it. I wasn’t angry with him at all. He did nothing wrong. He had no fucking clue. Despite barely being able to breath I told him that too. I refused to punish him for not knowing something even I didn’t know. Have I been raped? No, I had a threat that scared me (not on line, in person on a bus) so can I speak personally about rape? No I can’t. I am not gonna lie here. I don’t know everything. Who does though? I talk to other survivors (I hate the word victim) who all handle things very differently. Shit, what can you expect? We are all different people.

I know for me and many others when it comes to our PTSD, anxiety etc we bounce back. We don’t want to be babied. We WANT to be mentally healthy and work towards that goal. Trigger warnings are not gonna fucking get us there. Treating us like a helpless baby is hurting us, not helping us! Now I am not gonna claim I am always resilient and can handle the world. Sometimes I crack. I have other emotional crap going on too. Hell, I have other problems in general. I am doing everything I can to work through it all. Even when I crack I don’t want to be babied. I want to take some time, recoup and bounce back with my boxing gloves on.

So with this I say Feminists: Stop saying women are strong then treating them like they are frail little helpless things. If anything is sexist as fuck it is that. Stop being a fucking hypocrite!

And, if you don’t believe me, will you believe Christina Hoff Sommers? Yeah probably not cause you don’t like facts, do you? ; )


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