My friends, no answers? REALLY???

I have, over the last few days asked on my personal Facebook wall for my friends (most of them being feminists) to explain. Explain how feminism is helping falsely accused men when women lie and point the fingers yelling rape. I asked how is comparing men to animals and saying they should be killed ok? I asked and, I admit, I hoped for answers. I asked and hoped for action. I asked for a feminist, ANY feminist to fight for the guy who had a woman break into his house, sexually assault him and then, for reasons I can not even begin to fathom she was released. I knew there would be silence. I knew there would be not a single action. I can see right through feminism’s bullshit. I wanted to be wrong though. Desperately I begged to be wrong. I wasn’t.

If someone had proven me wrong I would have celebrated. I would have probably went out to buy a fedora (I will eventually buy one along with a few other things just to annoy those easily annoyed but that is a tangent right there so…) just to eat it. I don’t think I need any more proof that feminism is NOT about equality than that. It is one thing for nameless cunts to spout words of hate but my friends, people who I cherish to so blatantly ignore is a head shaker. So yes, to my friends who label themselves as feminists. To ALL OF YOU: be angry with me. hate me. I don’t care. I am fully fucking disappointed in you. I gave you a chance, many in fact, to prove me wrong. I have always said you were smart and amazing people. You have let a cult brain wash you. You have let a cult tell you things that are wrong. You have turned yourselves into those other loud hateful assholes screaming about killing people. I could not be more ashamed right now.


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