Hi my name is Geeky and I am a cunt!

I feel it customary to, for my first blog post, introduce myself. You will probably not like me and that is ok. I like it that way ; D

I am, in the rawest form a sassy, rude and funny bitch! I am short, fat and more than ok with that. I am disabled and (some people think anyways) surprisingly positive considering how my body decides to behave sometimes. I am lucky to have found the love of my life in the most amazing and brilliant man on this planet. So yeah, every time some woman some where bitches about where is a good guy my response is “I got lucky enough to some how attract him!”. Yep, not sorry ladies and gents. ; P

I am incredibly geeky and have been since before I can remember. I enjoy science, history and I am learning about electronics. I appreciate debates on religion, ethics and the complicated topic of human nature. I love psychology, astronomy and archaeology. I love tattoos (have 5 so far and more planned), geek t.shirts and cos playing. I read comic books, appreciate nerd tube and would live at conventions if I could. I spend a lot of time playing games with my friends ( most of them guys) while watching others play games (gameception, nerds!). I am obsessed with Minecraft. I love how it can be a canvas as well as a game. I do a lot of building and, as many have said when coming over to my base you need the shades with all the neon colors (modded for the win).

I always considered myself an open minded hippy liberal. I am pansexual, atheist and open to other peoples “alt” lifestyles. However, despite my feelings not changing in a lot of areas I am starting to feel a divide. Pretty much all of my friends identify as moderate to radical feminists, you see and, well, I am incredibly ANTI feminist. So, what am I? What do I believe? I am an egalitarian but I also use anti feminist as part of my identifier (as you probably noticed up above). Why, might you ask? I don’t just see feminism as something I don’t agree with but as a hate movement that is starting a very hostile and very dangerous gender war. I have seen a lot of things in my life, all 32 years of it, and I can not in good conscience stay silent. A lot of the awesome people in my life are men, cis gendered white hetero men at that. These are men who are amazing people who I look up to so much. I feel if I were to support such bullshit and such silencing tactics I would be spitting in their faces. I can’t do that.

I will get more into my views on feminism, the problems it causes and other shit later. Trust me, you will probably tell me to shut up after awhile. Just know, I won’t ; D.

Besides that I am a former teacher who loves kids. I am an immature little shit (sometimes, not all the time) who loves to color and has a stuffed Buzz Lightyear. I am a writer, a dreamer, and cynically angry loud mouth. I day dream crazy and I argue logically. I love tootsie pops. I want a pet hedge hog and love llamas. I watch Despicable Me when I am feeling like shit. I don’t think anything is sexier than when my honey talks tech. I am bound to say something that pisses you off. I laugh a lot and loud as hell.

So hi, my name is Geeky. Nice to meet you!


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