Attraction, preferences and shaming: Are they all really the same thing?

I am sick of hearing about the double standards revolving around men, women and attraction. Now come on, we ALL have preferences. Things we like in who ever we are attracted to and things that we, well, don’t like. I see all over the place girls (and yes, if you are some snotty little feminist princess you ARE a girl, even if you 40 or 50) going on about wanting to find men with 6 pack abs who slave over them and have a fat wallet. Cause damn dem neck beards *eye roll*. Yet in the same space I see men being yelled at and insulted for stating what they are attracted to. Maybe they want curves or like larger racks since they are a “breast guy” (and fuck, I get it cause tits are AWESOME). Hell, I have even seen guys talk about wanting someone who loves going to the gym or hiking being yelled at. Heaven forbid someone wants someone as a life partner who enjoys what they enjoy *scoff*. And yes, I am aware of the oddness of this coming from a fat chic. When most fat chics are out there wanting society to validate their taco eating I am simply saying this “You do not have to be attracted to me. Please give me basic human respect and don’t try to bully me but you do not have to lie to me and tell me what you think I want to hear. I will respect you, please respect me.”

I don’t expect the world to protect, coddle or praise me. No one should. And yet there are the fucking loud mouthed harpies screeching their lungs out about a fucking ad they don’t like. SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t care. I really don’t care if some stupid ad offended you. Why? Because you are choosing to be offended. You chose to get butt hurt and threaten them with bombs just like I chose to eat pizza for dinner last night. We make choices and we have to own them. And people have the right to be honest about if your choices match or don’t match with their choices. Seriously, get over yourself you stupid bitches!

Do I have a problem with men or women being attracted to thin people? Fuck no. Why would I? I have no plans to date a million people so why the ever loving fuck would I care if a bunch of people are not attracted to me? I found that man who is. He is who I want. In other words, ya’ll don’t matter ; P I mean, I love you guys in a basic human way like how I love all skittles but fucking christ on a cracker I am not asking to play hopscotch on your genitals so it is all good, right?

Now, as for shaming, I am really getting sick of that word. I do really need to make a list of words I am sick of. People shout that constantly at stupid shit then turn around in the same sentence and FUCKING SHAME SOMEONE. I pretty much always see this from feminists. Ya know “How dare you call me a fat bitch you stupid loser neck beard misogynistic asshole?” Yeah, good job you fucking immature little shit for brains! hypocrisy is not exclusive to feminism but they sure do drain that shit for all it is worth!


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